Women Empowerment

Vocational Training

Socio Economic Rehabititation of persons with mental retardation is promoted through the services of Vocational Training. To organize the Vocational Training programme such as Crsft training, Type & Shorthand, Dari Making and other income activities to our office premises. The organization provides vocatinal services to persons with mental retardation in the age rate 15 to 40 years among the few Vocational Training.Women empowerment is an important target group of Mahamaya Bandhan Samity, and development assistance is provided both through self help development programme and education. Awareness of women's right is regarded as being extremely important if women are

to be able to influence political processes and their own development. Mahamaya Bandhan Samity has focused on this area and initiated processes for analysis and the sharing of experience with other institutions and organizations working in this field. Women education is a sector where Mahamaya Bandhan Samity has been particularly aware of the gender dimension. There has been emphasis on increasing the quantity and quality of education by training more women leaders and providing necessary financial tools such self help group for income generation.

Teachers Training

Mahamaya Bandhan Samity the organization has been running an teachers training programme with the support of Saba Bharati at block level for the last one year for the benefit of local poor teachers and organizations teachers through capacity building, teaching technique, parameters, social mobilization, books, skill development, participatory approach etc, this programme is being one of the farmost appreciated by the local and organizations teachers through appreciatort learning.